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Bounce-On Safety Information

DON’T RISK YOUR CHILD’S SAFETY – Use only equipment with a current PIPA certificate.

Bounce-On treat safety as a top priority, we guarantee as much as we can that inflatable play is normally a very safe and good way for children to exercise whilst having fun.

Our equipment is tested to the highest standard through a fully qualified RPII Registered P.I.P.A Inspector by Scotland’s only testing centre “Scot-Bounce”.

There are three elements that make safe inflatable play environments:

  1. Properly manufactured equipment:
    All of our castles are built by UK manufactures only and are manufactured from materials which comply with the stringent tests required by the industry (British Standards) BS 54 38 for inflatable’s. Our castles are fully coated with flame retardant PVC specifically designed for the inflatable Industry.
  2. Fully maintained, tested & correct operation (pressure, siting, anchorage etc.) of the equipment:
    As “best practice” all hiring company’s are recommended to have all inflatable play equipment tested annually through the PIPA testing scheme. Bounce-On follows the “Best Practice” guidlines to help support maximum safety while kids are playing on our equipment and have all equipment tested through PIPA.
    All inflatable play equipment that falls within the scope of the PIPA scheme should carry a PIPA tag and be listed in the database behind this site.
    The PIPA scheme is supported by the whole industry and was developed in partnership with the Health and Safety Executive.
    A PIPA tag means: Designed to recognised standard based on safety. Tested by nationally qualified inspector. Equipment approved for commercial use.
    The PIPA scheme delivers: Improved safety for your children, HSE recognised best practice, Quality assurance, Certified Initial test and Certified annual testing.
    PIPA has the support of: All the industry associations, The Health and Safety Executive and Local authorities.
  3. Supervision:
    Do not forget your responsibilities as the customer, because the supervision is down to you. We recommend you follow the following guidelines as “best practice”.

Customer’s Play Safe – Do’s and Dont’s:


  • Have regard to the equipment’s intended use, users that are outside the intended weight or height range can injure themselves and other users.
  • Make sure the blower is at least 1.2 metres from the inflatable.
  • Make sure the equipment has a current test certificate.
  • Look for the PIPA Tag and check its validity on
  • Use surround mats, these are provided to negate identified risks.
  • Ensure that children are supervised at all times by a responsible adult.
  • Ensure the inflatable remains anchored to the ground at all times using all anchor points. Even in non-windy conditions the inflatable can move and creep.
  • Follow the instructions given to you by Bounce-On – They are there for the safety of your children.
  • Hire on the basis of the safest – Not the cheapest.
  • Deflate the inflatable after use to prevent unsupervised use.


  • Allow users to climb on to the walls.
  • Deflate the inflatable whilst in use.
  • Use the inflatable if you have any doubt as to its safety.
  • Throw objects (or other people!) on to the inflatable.
  • Allow users onto the inflatable in high winds.